Speeders hit with double whammy in Wakefield, Quebec


by Mark Burgess on April 29, 2010

He might have picked a better escort.

An 18-year-old caught doing 153 km/h on Hwy 105 was nabbed a second time within an hour — this time as a passenger — when the friend who drove him to the Wakefield, Quebec police station after his car was impounded nearly matched his speed on the way out.

MRC des Collines police caught the teen travelling more than 60 kilometres over the posted limit April 16 in La Peche. In addition to having his car impounded, the driver had his probationary licence suspended, he lost 14 demerit points and was hit with a $1,015 fine.

The driver arrived at the police station within the hour accompanied by a friend to pick up the paper work for retrieving his vehicle. When the pair peeled out of the parking lot, police at the station alerted those on patrol.

The second driver, also 18 and carrying a probationary license, was soon clocked going 149 km/h in a 90 km/h zone on Hwy 105. He lost eight demerit points and earned a $718 fine, in addition to losing  his license and vehicle.

Check that tint (line break)

MRC des Collines police have caught more than 100 drivers in La Peche and Val-des-Monts during the past two weeks for having too dark tinting on their car windows. Windows must allow at least 70 per cent brightness to pass through or drivers face a $100 fine.

Police said they would continue to crack down on tinted window violations in coming weeks.