Stranded cyclists order ‘a la car’ at Soupcon in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on August 4, 2010

The Editor,

We had a wonderful experience the other day in Wakefield, Quebec that I wanted to share with your readers.

We were heading out on a long bike ride. Rather than ending the ride with the 30-kilometre climb back up to our house in Kingsmere, we decided to drive to Wakefield and start and end there. We arrived back at our car after four and a half hours of riding in the sun to find that, somewhere along the way, we (okay, he) lost our car keys.

We decided to stop for a quick drink and a bit to eat before figuring out how to get home to fetch a spare set of keys. We headed off to our favourite Wakefield spot, Soupcon. As always, we were happy to see owner Tanya Skeates and happier still to share with her our self-deprecating story. After overhearing our plight our server, Matthew, generously offered us his car to drive back to our house.

This saved us a great deal of money (on a cab fare) and time (on doubling back in another car) and it gave us a good excuse to spend those hours (and dollars) on yet another great meal at Soupcon.

Thanks to Matthew for his generosity and to Tanya and Mike for years of great dishes.
Jess Milton and Joshua Kilberg

Chelsea, Quebec