Stressed ecosystem having trouble bearing up


by admin on June 24, 2010

The Editor,

Last week, Ottawa police shot and killed a moose – the third this month – as it “posed a threat to public safety.” And over the bridge in Gatineau, a black bear rummaging through garbage was shot twice by police and wounded, after which it fled into the nearby woods.

Now I am sure the news is all over this, but I can no longer sit and shake my head while this continues. I have written a letter to the Ministry of Natural resources. I doubt very much they will pay it much mind. But you never can tell.

I am shocked, horrified and outraged on the behalf of the wildlife, our environment and also on behalf of the police who are forced to handle these situations! The police are not authorized to carry tranquilizer guns. Nor are they trained to handle such wildlife scenarios. These officers are being ridiculed for handling a situation that was forced upon them, when calling the MNR and the wildlife commission offered them no assistance.

In these days of oil leaks, garbage swirls in the oceans the size of Texas, and urban sprawl, do we have such an abundance of wildlife that they can be so casually shot and disposed of? Or in the wounded bear incident, shot by personnel untrained to handle such situations. Need I state that a wounded bear roaming around is much more dangerous than one just rummaging through the garbage?

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I have grave concerns for our world. We are stressing an already delicate ecosystem to beyond the breaking point. It’s insanity! Please, let’s all stop passing the buck and do our part, if all it is is driving less, using less plastic, and voicing our outrage on  behalf of the environment. It’s the only home we have, folks, and the electrical panel is way overloaded – and with no extinguishers within reach.

Beverley Ironside

Low, Quebec

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