Students, skaters dispel usual doom and gloom in Wakefield, Quebec community


by admin on April 6, 2011

The Editor,

Local folks, good news. This past week I was reminded that, even though many of our elected officials are letting us down, there are still plenty of wonderful things going on in our community.

On Tuesday, March 29, I was lucky enough to see the Grade 4, 5 and 6 public-speaking finalists at Wakefield School present their speeches during the “concours oratoire,” a French speech competition.

I was struck not only by the composure and eloquence of these students, but also by the quality and fluency of their French. Nearly all of them were children of anglophone parents, yet they were fluent in French. I felt very proud of our local school and the teachers who are doing such a great job developing our next generation of bilingual Quebeckers.

And then on Saturday, April 2, I attended the end of season skating show of the Gatineau Valley Skating Club at the Low Arena. Once again, I was struck by the composure and talent of our local kids and was impressed by how much they had learned from their hard-working coaches and program assistants this year.

What’s more, so much of what made the show so memorable – the beautiful costumes, the flower arrangements, the decorations, not to mention the building itself – is thanks to the volunteer efforts of many dedicated community members.

So kudos to our local folks! Let’s celebrate! And now . . . back to work!


Tamara Tarasoff,

Farrellton, Quebec