Styro Rail business move on wrong track in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on February 23, 2011

The Editor,

Re: “Styro Rail moving in to business park” (Low Down, Feb. 16 edition)

I can’t believe that our own councillors are so short-sighted, such that they are “excited” about a plastic manufacturing company to be established in Wakefield, Quebec. Councillor Louis Rompre justifies the new plant because it might create 40 extra jobs.

Wakefield’s economy is based in tourism. We are a quaint village that touts our ecological and organic attributes. If Styro Rail moves into Wakefield, it will drastically affect the local economy. No longer will Wakefield be a tourist destination for those who want to enjoy the natural serenity that our village has to offer.

When the tourist stop coming, the money will stop flowing. When the money stops, the shops, the boutiques, the restaurants, the real-estate value of our homes will be negatively affected.

The potential of 40 new jobs is not worth the social, environmental, or economic hazard that will result from building a “light” industrial zone at the entrance of the village.

Please don’t put your heads in the sand. This is our village, our future, we need to speak to this issue now before it’s too late.

Stacie Sivyer

Wakefield, Quebec