‘Surprise’ exit an expensive error


by admin on December 9, 2009

The Editor,

RE: “NCC confirms surprise Hwy 5 exit to Meech Valley” Dec. 2 edition.

Let me take you from the where Hwy 5 used to end at Tulip Valley.

To get to P16 from the Tulip Valley exit is 2.0 km exactly – 1.6 km on paved roads and .4 km on a dirt road.

In the Low Down article, the NCC’s Media Relations Officer Cedric Pelletier talked about the NCC proposed surprise interchange at the Cross Loop Rd/ Farm Point Rd. When completed in two to three years, he tells us, “the new exit will provide better access to parking lots number 15 and 16.”

In doing some calculations I found that from the Tulip Valley exit to the “surprise” exit at the Cross Rd is roughly 4 km.

Then from this “surprise” exit back to P15 is 1.8 km and to P16 is 3.8 km.

What are you talking about, Mr. Pelletier?

My rough calculations tell me, that to get to P16 via the new Cross Loop Exit will be 8 km vs. 2 km, the way most people drive to P16 currently.

And 3.8 of the extra 6 km are on a dirt road that is a real quagmire in late winter.

Mme Lemay could you tell me how big a dollar surprise the new “surprise” interchange will cost us the taxpayer – $5 million or maybe $ 10 million?

Ken Bouchard

Wakefield, Quebec

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