Survey says: Expropriation question on light industrial park seriously flawed


by admin on January 12, 2011

The Editor,

Did you know that the recent Wakefield, Quebec ward survey purported to indicate strong support against the business park project is, in fact, not about the Phase 1 business park at all?

We have all heard about the Wakefield survey that seemed to indicate strong support against the business park project. At council last month, one of the survey organizers spoke to explain the survey methodology.

The survey asked three questions. To paraphrase, the first was: “Do you know about the business park issue?” If you answered no, you were disqualified from the survey, even if you wanted to express your opinion on the next question, which was: “Do you agree with expropriation of land for the business park?” The third question was: “Do you have enough information about the business park?”

The expropriation question is seriously flawed and spoils the whole survey. We have all seen the “Why Expropriation” sign that appeared on the east side of Highway 105 in front of the Eco Echo land. That campaign has been going on for over a year, even though there is no expropriation action on the Eco Echo land.

The Phase 1 business park is going ahead on the west side of the highway with no expropriation action required. Many survey respondents must clearly have had the Eco Echo land in mind when answering the questions, as I did when I first heard the questions at council.

I blame the anti-business park activists for muddling these issues, one the Eco Echo project and the other the Phase 1 business park. No wonder survey respondents felt more information was needed.

I commend the mayor for quite rightly dismissing the survey. I support the business park and I am pleased that the powers of the municipality are being exercised to act as a catalyst for smart growth that will benefit all of us.

Dave Maule

Alcove, Quebec