Take it up a notch for tourists, Wakefield


by admin on May 27, 2009

The Editor,

This past weekend, friends and family decided to take the power boat down the river from Chelsea to have brunch in Wakefield. Beautiful day on the water, we had a group of nine people from the Ottawa region.

When we arrived in the Wakefield harbour, the usual docking wharf which we have used many time over the past years, had not been assembled and put in the water, the other rickety docks are not safe and stable to dock an expensive powerboat.

Wakefield should realize it has the river, the train passengers and the scenery to capitalize upon a great future for the Wakefield region. We were thinking of returning to Chelsea but eventually did find a so-so private wharf where we were able to moor.

It also seems that it’s pretty hard to find brunch being served on the weekends in Wakefield, the new owners of the Earle House don’t offer one? Pot au Feu doesn’t serve a brunch? The only place was the Mill, which was too far of a walk from our mooring to have brunch.

Wakefield offers the means to great things, the river will bring the boating tourist, the steam train brings the sightseeing voyageur, and the townsfolk should learn the ropes and be prepared.

Peter Ferguson