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by admin on February 10, 2010

By B.J. Anderson

Fantastic, the Prime Minister of Canada, came to Wakefield, Quebec Feb. 2, 2010. I would hope that the village volunteers would make copious notes on this so that they can record this as a very special historical event in the annals of Wakefield.

Before we do this, maybe we should record how many loyal citizens (i.e non-politicians) actually saw this crucial event. Hands up, everyone who did! Oh dear… only two people wearing seal costumes, and a few members of press were able to see our Prime Minister as he paid the village this extraordinary historical visit.

So what was really going on here? The intrepid Low Down apparently found out about the event, and was able to report to us mainly about the seals that were present, which was very, very interesting as these must have been very dedicated seals, or perhaps they were really well-trained Conservative seals? (My apologies to PETA.)

Apparently word did eventually get out, and we are told that it was a “working lunch” of the “entire” Conservative MP caucus of Quebec (a total of 11) with the PM, to resolve the problems that the Conservatives are having in the Quebec polls, and on some other pressing issues such as the environment.

But they don’t want the people to know about these discussions do they? Have they given any thought to being more open in their behaviour and letting the people see and hear from them, now and then? Why only recently, our MP, Lawrence Cannon, was quoted in the Ottawa Sun that “Quebecers take pride in the federal government’s action on the environment” and went on to say that “Things have been done there (in Quebec), and Quebecers do appreciate that….at least in my riding they do …” (Ottawa Sun, Feb 3). Hands up again, all those who know what they have done for us! (Oh, forget it.)

Why come all the way to Wakefield just for a quick lunch and chat? Is it because this Prime Minister is becoming too afraid to really meet the Canadian people and the Parliament of Canada (which he, himself closed down and which still remains closed)?

While here, why would he not want to spend some time and talk to the people of Wakefield? Are he, and his other Quebec MPs (including our MP) becoming so afraid of that?

The Prime Minister of Canada is, of course, always welcome in this area. However, logic tells us that if Canadians cannot see him, cannot hear him and cannot even talk to him, we may soon choose to forget him.

B.J. Anderson lives in Sainte Cecile de Masham, Quebec.

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