Thanks Jean Perras


by admin on September 30, 2009

The Editor,

When Chelsea, Quebec Mayor Jean Perras told me on the steps of the  Boulangerie in Old Chelsea, Quebec that he would not seek a new mandate it was news to me, even if I was expecting it, sort of.  The number of years this man has served Chelsea, Quebec on council and as mayor makes him a runner-up to Her Majesty the Queen for years in public service.
Before he left, I managed to blurt out that I for one appreciated what he had done for Chelsea, Quebec and that his hard work and intelligence had served us well despite all the static (some of it from me) in the last two years.

Much the same can be said for the outgoing Councillors. We may like or dislike their decisions, but their number of hours of hard work, of late night phone calls, and evident public spirit must not be forgotten.
To Chelsea Mayor Jean Perras and council, thank you for your years of service.

Harry Gow