Thanks, Vorlage, for eco-guilt-free poutine in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on March 17, 2010

The Editor,

As the ski season nears the end, sniff, I want to thank the people at Vorlage in Wakefield, Quebec for such a great year. They offered reasonably priced packages for Wakefield Elementary students and their families, as well as to home-schoolers – much appreciated.

I couldn’t help but feel well, smug, to have such a treasure of a ski hill in our midst, especially when riding the chairlift with parents of kids on outings from Ottawa. “What school are you with” they’d ask, and I’d reply how lucky my kid and his friends are to go to the school within walking distance – “just over there”.

The more confident kids had a blast skiing in groups with parents in the distance somewhere. No worries for parents, on a hill the size of Vorlage. On our first-ever outing after dark this past week, I could hear my son and his friend whooping with sheer joy from one trail while I skied another.

Despite the lack of snow this year, the conditions have been stellar thanks to great grooming, and staff have all been friendly.

Plus (and this is a big plus) for some of us, there was no styrofoam in the cafeteria! We could eat our poutines eco-guilt-free! Not only that, the beef used in the cafeteria was locally-sourced. Wow. We love our ski hill in the middle of town!

Anne Winship

Wakefield, Quebec