Road to hell-and Wakefield, Que- is paved with good intentions


by admin on September 2, 2009

The Editor,

Mme. DesRoches wrote an excellent letter (Aug. 26 edition, “Chelsea, Quebec a land of GINOs?”) on the foolishness of the Hwy 5 extension and I hope you will join me in writing to the Prime Minister about such an unwise decision.

From so many angles we learn urban sprawl hurts us all, yet the federal, provincial and municipal governments are turning a blind eye to the consequences in favour of what they obviously think is “great electioneering”.  This is not the way to earn my vote!  We need to be greening, not tarmacking, the countryside.  We need and must give more priority to the ecosystems being ruined by building four-laned highways to nowhere.

I wish to remind you that at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero (1992) Canada signed the Convention on Biological Diversity.  And, in 1995 Ottawa issued Canada’s Response to that Convention.  That document includes the clear directive: “Use a variety of planning and approval mechanisms, that provide for meaningful public and stakeholder participation, to prevent and reduce negative impacts on biodiversity that may arise from human settlement activities”

Mr. Harper, Mr. Charest, Mr. Bussiere:  This federal commitment means a land use planning system and other tools must be used to protect biodiversity.  This means stop cutting up our beautiful countryside and embrace sustainable development.  It also means protect Gatineau Park.

I suggest all the local mayors join up with “The Natural Step”, the organization which shows communities how to practice sustainable development.

Muriel A How