The secret of the dep – drinkable Portuguese wine


by admin on August 6, 2010

Wakefield sommelier Christina Stobert reviews depanneur wines (mostly cheap, often bad, dep wines) every second week.

Caleta Vineyards, Portugal, $9.50

On the nose, hints of black cherry, blueberry, and leather. On the palate, gentle tannin with jammy fruit and some nice “sour patch” candy on the end.

Portuguese wine is one of those secrets most wine savvy people want to keep a secret. Great wine for a low price.

Does this apply to depanneur wine? In this case yes! The Caleta Vineyard has a lot of different countries displayed on the shelves. As it is a huge global company, that showcases New World wine, I’m guessing they all taste very similar, which in Dep Wine World means decent/ drinkable/ good enough for a third bottle opening at the end of the evening!

A lot of people think of port wine when they think of Portugal, which is a sweet fortified wine that we commonly have with cheese or chocolate after dinner, but the Portuguese make very good, dry wines from the same grapes, and are becoming well known for them.

I was speaking to someone the other day about how intimidating it is for them to buy wine in a wine store, (the grocery store too, actually), because there are too many wines to pick from. That, she explained, is why they always drink the same thing, so they know what they are getting.

My first question: Why are we so programmed to think that trying something new will be bad, taste bad? My second question: How can you be so boring? (It’s Ok, I didn’t ask anything out loud.)

Life Tip: Try new things. First on the list, wine under $10 from Portugal, (from the liquor store preferably) and let me know how it has changed your life.