This election’s foundation is the Foundation


by admin on October 28, 2009

The Editor,

It was very rewarding to go to the all-candidates debate for Chelsea, Quebec last week. The mayoral candidates were both very well dressed with tidy purple (or were they burgundy) jackets on. They both seemed quite capable of taking on Chelsea’s debt and changing the world-Green with her intellectual glasses on and Fitzgerald with the cuffs of his shirt showing at the edges of his sleeves as if he’s ready to roll them up and start working.

It makes it very hard to make a decision since they presented themselves so well… Unless of course you want to do something dreadfully difficult and discuss issues, but even that isn’t hard, as it seems it all funnels down to voting for or against those affiliated with the Chelsea Foundation and those who are not. Or maybe I’m wrong. What do I know?  The question I have however is, couldn’t the candidates for Ward 3 have at least provided a cardboard cutout of themselves for us voters to talk at?

Sylvia Shawcross

Chelsea, Quebec