This is Africa?


by Cynthia Vukets on August 2, 2009

cynthia-avatarFormer Low Down Reporter left our tiny Wakefield office for the big bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya. She’s reporting for the Daily Nation newspaper thanks to an internship with the Aga Khan Foundation. This is the first entry on her ongoing blog that will continue to appear here at

Arriving at our apartment in Nairobi was a bit of a blur. Anything is after 20 hours of traveling. But roomies Jameel and Siena, and I, were with it enough to realize we were bunking into a place worthy of Palm Springs. With a community pool and everything. On our first morning, we were bumped and jostled by men in suits and women in heels, all rushing to work. We were rushing to the local coffee joint where we tucked into a bacon and egg breakfast. ‘Wait a second,’ I thought. ‘This is Africa? Where are the street kids? Where are the flowers and grasshoppers? Where are the red dirt roads?”

Duh. This is Nairobi. The “Paris” of East Africa. We could easily have been walking down a street in downtown Toronto, just with fewer white people.

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