Three Kiwis up!


by admin on August 6, 2010

Christina Stobert dares to tread where no self-respecting sommelier has tread before: the depanneur. She reviews dep wines every second week.

New Z, The Spirit of New Zealand $12,50

Bottle appearance: good looking, clean, simple, classy enough to bring to a party and people would think it’s from the liquor store!  Nose: bruised apples, grapefruit. Taste: clean easy drinking, full fruit to begin with, followed by lemon after you swallow (on the finish).

New Zealand has been putting out some amazing wines and is one of the best producers in the world for Sauvignon Blanc. They are not cheap but are consistently good.  For a new world wine country, New Zealand has been making wine since the mid 1800s, most people just don’t know that.  Spring is springing, so it’s time to start thinking about white wine again.

I have to say, in general when buying dep wine, I think red is always a safer bet. For some reason I think it is easier to drink bad red wine than bad white, and when I buy a bottle of wine in a grocery store, I assume the worst.  I bought New Z because I need a white to put in a sauce and was pleasantly surprised.  I got this one at the IGA grocery store, which seems to have a different selection than the stores in Wakefield.  The prices are a little lower, maybe because they are next door to the SAQ.