Too much Wakefield for its own good


by Joel Balsam on January 29, 2014

Goodbye Valley Drive, hello Chemin de Wakefield.

Goodbye Valley Drive, hello Chemin de Wakefield.

The application to change the name of the exit off Hwy 5 from Valley Drive to Chemin de Wakefield has been rejected by the Commission de toponymie, the Quebec governmental organization in charge of street names. The reason? Wakefield already has too many streets incorporating the name ‘Wakefield’.

Councillor for Ward 6, Claude Giroux, still plans on getting the name changed by getting Wakefield Heights to change its name to limit the occurrence of the town’s name in street names. Giroux is asking citizens to send ideas to the municipality who will then forward the ideas on to the residents on Wakefield Heights. The suggested names will be narrowed down and brought before a public meeting for a vote. Some of the ideas already being tossed around are Chemin Fairbairn or Chemin de pond rouge.

The idea to change the name of Valley Drive came from residents who wanted to get a sign that says Wakefield on Hwy 5. Currently, a sign with the name is not possible, because Wakefield is technically part of La Pêche and would need to have that name on the sign according to the Commission de toponymie.

Readers can send their ideas to the municipality who will forward them on to the residents of Wakefield Heights or to their ward councillor’s office.

Correction: A version of this article printed in the Jan. 29 edition asked citizens to send ideas directly to residents of Wakefield Heights. The municipality would rather you send your suggestions directly to the municipality. The Low Down regrets the error. 

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