Tracks to trails too pricey


by admin on May 28, 2014

The Editor,

I quite enjoyed reading Peter A. Ferguson’s letter (May 21) this morning as I sat on my deck sipping my coffee and enjoying the serenity of my back yard in Tenaga. So quiet and peaceful. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping . . . ahhh this is country living.

Ferguson is bang on. We do not need another bike path, especially down the tracks. We are surrounded by beautiful bike paths. I’m wondering where Tammy Scott collected these names from? She certainly didn’t approach me for my signature, nor would she ever receive my blessing. Hey, Tammy, come knocking door-to-door at the homes near the tracks. Your best time to reach us would be when we are sitting with our families having a BBQ, enjoying the peacefulness of our surroundings. The last thing I want is to have you ruin my evenings and weekends with your family biking through my yard.

Do what I used to do: pack up your car with the bikes and head to one of the parks we have access to and stay out of our yards. Oh, and Tammy, have you approached the company that has the 25 year lease? Is it going to sublet the tracks? What about after the lease? Are they willing to sell?

Are you, Tammy, paying for the removal of the tracks? Are you, Tammy, paying for the concrete to lay the bike path? Are you, Tammy, paying for the maintenance of the path? Are you, Tammy, going to come and clean all the garbage from our yards that is left behind? Tammy, I believe you are better off living in Ottawa as you seem to have the mindset of a city councillor.

Anita Larocque

Chelsea, QC

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avatar Sylvia Shawcross June 1, 2014 at 8:28 pm

Now I question the Low Down on this letter. This letter has points that certainly need to be brought up however the manner in which it has been done is not pleasant to read. It reads like a personal attack. Surely the Low Down can screen out this kind of “gut response” letter that hurts an individual. I understand Ms. Laroque’s frustration and some people need to write to a “person” rather than an “issue” but this is unprofessional on the part of the editors. Or is this the National Enquirer now? I’m sure Ms. Laroque would have understood after some thought, once the “gut reaction” has had its course. I suspect Ms. Larocque may not have been given that opportunity by the editorial staff? Publishing letters such as this in its form does not protect the target of the attack, let alone the letter writer. My opinion of course.

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