Transparency lifts lid on Chelsea, Quebec septic question


by admin on April 28, 2010

The Editor,
Re: Transparency: now you see it, now you don’t (Letter, April 21 edition) on out-source septic-tank inspections in Chelsea, Quebec.

Transparency International’s definition of “transparency” is fighting corruption and trying to raise public awareness of it.

Thus, when Mr. Bruce Devine, a senior staff member of the Chelsea municipality, together with its engineer claim that spending fresh amounts of tax dollars is in the benefit of the new kind of contract which they are promoting, it raises another related question. Why then change the long-existing system? They both attempt to persuade us that it doesn’t work anymore.

Hence, the taxpayer’s’ elementary right to transparency is to know what the exact reasons are for the failure of the former system of septic-tank inspections.

Second, Chelseaites should be informed of the ensuing measures that the municipality undertook to determine who is the responsible person(s) for the enormous waste of our public funds with regard to the previous septic-tank inspections program and whether if the appropriate accountability procedures have been respected.

Dr. Safwat Ayoub
Chelsea, Quebec