Undemocratic vote repeat of Chelsea Creek fiasco


by admin on April 13, 2011

The Editor,

I have read with some concern that the Chelsea, Quebec municipality is looking at another undemocratic vote in order to push through their water and sewage plan. Apparently only those “directly affected” by the new plan will get to vote on it.

As a taxpayer, I have been told that my tax bill will go up as a direct result of this plan, even though I am unable to connect to the new system. So how come I am unable to put my opinion forward on this tax hike?

Apparently the municipality is concerned that too many in the community will want to have their say on the matter. A repeat of the Chelsea Creek fiasco, where about 70 people decided, on the back of newly paved roads and other “incentives,” to vote for a plan that will see wells running dry, traffic problems, big-box pharmacy and multi-story, multi-tenant buildings plopped into the middle of our community.

Another great day in Chelsea. The mayor and council need to be held accountable.


John Nicol

Chelsea, Quebec