Unfair to blame united church elders in Wakefield, Quebec


by admin on August 5, 2009

The Editor,

I would like to add my opinion on the ongoing debate in the United Church in Wakefield, Quebec.

Change is inevitable and sometimes hard to accept. I believe that we are all created equal and should be treated with respect. However, when a previous vote was defeated the “older generation” was blamed in a comment in The Low Down. This scornful remark hurt many people deeply.

These churches exist through the hard work and sacrifice of the older generations. Do the younger generation and the new residents know the history of these churches? They are all more than 100 years old, built by volunteers, on land that was given by community members. Through the Faith and sacrifices of our ancestors, these churches survived two world wars, the flu epidemic, the great depression, the Korean war, etc. etc. Their faith, dedication, ethical and moral values were learned from the Bible. These churches were the heart of the community.

Some church leaders decided that much of the Bible was no longer relevant for today’s social and moral life style. Changes were made and now there is a “Divided Church”, rather than a United. This debate has created irreparable damage. For those who feel alienated, remember that you don’t have to be in church to be a Christian. If you believe that the decision was biased or improper procedure was used, question it. It’s your God given right, because it’s your church too. I would suggest that we all add the Serenity Prayer to our daily prayers.

Winnie Johnston