Urination retaliation in Wakefield, Quebec


by Trevor Greenway on August 20, 2009

50 man brawl sparked by nasty party trick from a year ago

The teenager who was hit with a beer bottle in the head and slashed in the neck at an out-of-control Wakefield house party Aug. 9 is pressing charges against the “crazy loco” girl who hit him.

Seventeen-year-old Jeremie Gaulin of Ottawa was smashed in the head with a beer bottle after an altercation took place at 69 Valley Drive during a going-away party thrown by Wakefield’s Kyle Broom. But according to Gaulin, the issue began a whole year ago.

Gaulin was at a house party last year when one of his friends passed out on a couch. Looking for a party trick, another teenager urinated all over Gaulin’s passed out friend, but the incident never amounted to anything until the two came face-to-face at Broom’s recent party.

Gaulin’s friend, the urination victim, saw the culprit at the party and confronted him.

“He went up and said, ‘what’s your problem’,” said Gaulin.

“And the guy just punched him.”

With Gaulin’s friends being “small,” he said he felt compelled to jump in for his buddy.

“I sort of flipped out,” said Gaulin, adding that he jumped in and started fighting.

“I beat him up bad.”

This altercation caused several other teenagers to jump into the fight, which created about ten different fights spilling out onto Valley Dr. at about 2:30 a.m.

Without warning, Gaulin was struck in the head with a bottle from a girl he didn’t know. He said there was tons of “trash talking” going on, but still has no idea as to why he was hit with the bottle.

“The person who hit me was a loco bitch,” said an angry Gaulin over the phone.

“She was just frigging nuts all night.”

Gaulin was not taken to hospital by ambulance, but he did see doctors at the Wakefield hospital, who treated him with minor injuries to his head and neck.

“I was bleeding like crazy,” he said.

According to the Ottawa teenager, the whole situation was “blown out of proportion” by media sources like the Ottawa Citizen and the Low Down. The issue was never a “French-English thing” as previously suggested. Nor was the fight a 50-man brawl, according to Gaulin, there were only about 10 people fighting at once.

“The cops were able to handle it fine,” he said.

“There was just a lot of shouting going on.”

MRC des Collines Police told Gaulin that the girl who allegedly hit him with the bottle has denied the whole incident and added that he may have to go to court to battle out the charge.

MRC des Collines Police failed to return the Low Down’s calls.