Vandals strike Meech Creek Valley in Chelsea, Quebec


by admin on April 7, 2010

The Editor,

Despite the NCC’s valiant efforts to keep motorized vehicles off recovering pasture in Gatineau Park’s Meech Creek Valley in Chelsea, Quebec, vandals destroyed gates and fences over the Easter weekend. Pole gates were winched from the ground and steel bar gates bent north of the covered bridge on Cross-Loop Road.

This wanton damage to NCC infrastructure is an assault on public property and hence an assault on all of us who enjoy the park. The culprits, apart from uprooting gates, tore up the soft soil with their vehicles, no doubt in a delinquent display of defiance to the NCC’s attempts to safeguard our cultural/natural heritage.

I encourage any witnesses to come forward and report any incidents occurring on/around Friday, April 2,2010 to the NCC.

Ian Huggett

Gatineau, Quebec