Vegas built on mob’s Cuba model


by admin on September 1, 2010

Has anyone ever seen a poor citizen of the gambling state of Nevada? You know? Really poor. Too poor to afford a car. Riding two on a bicycle down city streets? Raising a pig in the front yard or maybe a micro cow in the back to slake the pangs of hunger because food is always scarce?

Nope. You won’t see abject poverty there unless it’s man-made, such as the out-of-town gambler who has lost everything on the gaming tables. These they have, apparently aplenty.

But nobody is eating food that is obtained via rationing in Nevada. Quite the contrary in this capitalist hellhole. Food flows out of every building along the strip in Las Vegas. Gambling operators virtually give it away and in enormous portions as loss leaders to visiting low- and high-rollers.

Big, state-regulated business cartels have largely replaced the mob in Vegas. As a result, nobody is finding dead gangsters out in the desert these days. The times when Lucky Luciano could pull a few strings and have a no-longer useful Bugsy Siegel rubbed out. are long gone. Las Vegas has grown so massively that it is too big to be illegal. And it keeps growing and showering its native residents with unbelievable wealth.

Contrast this with the present-day state of affairs in the Communist paradise of Cuba. There the revered Fidel Castro refuses to die of old age or infirmities. Instead, he broods over the island – as he has for 50 years – and is the main reason for its past and present poverty.

Think this is bushwah? Let’s cast a look at pre-Castro Cuba. What did we have? Why an embryo world-class gambling centre. The mob had its original playground there. Bugsy Siegel went to Cuba and invented Las Vegas, then a dirty, dusty, desert squatter’s site.

The mob came, made a deal with then-current dictator Fulgencio Batista and elaborate gambling meccas sprang up – small at first but soon careening into opulence, crowned by the still-standing incredible Tropicana nightclub.

It featured a giant glass ceiling through which grew a massive oak tree and around which flourished the most magnificent nightclub ever to have been created until then. It foreshadowed Caesars Palace, Bellagio and the other Vegas gambling monuments.

And it was run by the mob. The same group of Wise Guys that ran the rackets in the U.S. Talk about foresight. One of them had the brilliant idea of creating a legal gambling centre at a time when almost all gambling in North America was illegal and definitely immoral. Back then you were thrown in jail if you were caught selling lottery tickets.

The timing was excellent. Cuba was on its way to becoming the Las

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Vegas of the Caribbean. If Castro hadn’t failed his tryout as a pro baseball pitcher and turned dictator, all would have evolved that way.

Cuba today would be overrun with tourists. Money would flow torrentially into Cuban coffers. The island nation, 90 miles off the coast of Florida, would have been the envy of its neighbours, including the U.S., which would have seen its citizens flock offshore to spend American dollars.

Instead, we have the Las Vegas of today and the Cuba of today.

Which, my dear reader, would you prefer?