Video Fridays on LDTV


by Trevor Greenway on July 23, 2009

OK, this isn’t anywhere near “local” or “news”, but we did have a big story on kittens (and the alarming number that are being abandonned) in this week’s edition. So to launch our new “Video Fridays” postings, we thought we’d post ridiculously cute video of kittens we found on Youtube. Also don’t forget to check out our local videos on our LDTV Youtube channel by clicking here.
We plan to post at least one video each Friday morning – ours, yours, some from the world wide web (as long as they pertain to country living and our readers).
If this made you laugh, let us know. If you think, “The thought of my local newspaper posting videos of non-local children and kittens makes my blood boil,” well, let us know that too. We just experimenting here, folks.
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