Vinyl Village not a great tag


by admin on July 9, 2014

The Editor,

I am asking ‘some’ of you to stop referring to ‘The Wakefield Harbour’ area of Wakefield as ‘vinyl village’. This tag is only being used in a derogatory way . . . not in a kindly manner at all. It is time you accepted that we are as much Wakefield as Burnside, Elmdale, and Rockhurst.

True, our homes don’t look like yours. But we have lots of common park area, (legal) docks on the river, and an absolutely wonderful neighbourhood. Over the last few years, many of us who lived in ‘downtown Wakefield’ have moved here after selling homes we no longer needed. Our part of Wakefield is home to seniors, young families, and singles – a real cross-section of ages. We are not an alien species. We pay lots of taxes, shop in Wakefield, go to church, attend schools, attend classes, use the library, and make donations of time and money to local causes.

Our streets are used by the local daycare, as well as by parents teaching their children to ride bikes and folks walking their dogs. The Harbour, at present, has no units for rent or for sale – perhaps that says something about our neighbourhood: we like it.

We do not want to be called ‘ticky-tacky little boxes’. We live in Wakefield and contribute to Wakefield and are proud of Wakefield.

And we no longer have to mow grass or move snow.

Shirley A. Brown, Wakefield Harbour (former ‘downtown’ dweller)

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