Vorlage exec Chief of Course at Whistler

If one Canadian alpine skier makes his or her way onto the podium at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver this February, then Andy Wolff will be a very happy man.

The 55-year-old executive of Vorlage Racing Club, along with his girlfriend Nancie Lee Korte and his 20-year-old daughter Alexandra Wolff are all volunteering for alpine skiing events at the upcoming Games, making for one special family vacation.

“It’s going to be a fun little family event,” said Wolff of Ottawa, who has been with Vorlage for 17 years.

Andy is the Chief of Course for the women’s giant slalom, slalom and the slalom portion of the super combined event at this year’s Olympics, a task that is quite familiar for Andy. He was the Chief of Course for the World Cup in Whistler two years ago and was the assistant Chief of Course at world stage events at Lake Louise in Alberta for the past two years. Now is his chance to take it to the next level.

“I skied out of Camp Fortune as a kid, but never at an elite level,” he said.

He got into preparing racecourses as a means to make skiing safer and more efficient for children in the area. Now, he is hoping that by preparing a solid course at the Olympics, he will pave the way for Canadian athletes to end up on the podium.

“When you see our guys step onto the podium, you’re like, ‘okay, that was well worth it,’” said Andy.

Andy’s responsibilities as Chief of Course include preparing the hill and managing 550 other volunteers stationed on the mountain, an assignment that will definitely keep him more than busy.

“Everyday will be at least 14 hours and that doesn’t include time drinking beer,” he added with a laugh.

His daughter Alexandra is a course crew runner, meaning she will be skiing around the mountain with fences, gates, drills and whatever else is needed on the hill.

Andy’s girlfriend Lee will be a general course crew worker and will be moving gates, installing poles and raking snow when needed.