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by admin on June 7, 2009

The Editor,

In response to: Not Everyone Wants Wakefield Community Centre, Letters May 20
Not everyone wanted the arena in Masham either, but I bet most consider it an asset now. The spaces that exist are not always adequate and there are many activities that don’t happen because there isn’t a suitable venue. Bigger isn’t always better, however the fact is, this community is at least twice the size it was when my family moved into it 25 years ago and it won’t stop growing.
The library is slated to be sold with the funds from the sale going towards the new building, someone else will use the existing one. It is cramped and as organized as it can be in a space that was designed to house fire trucks. Holding public meetings in a bar or the unhealthy mildew building that is our present “community center” is just not acceptable. 
As far as churches and the other buildings mentioned are concerned, they are limited to what can take place within them because of insurance issues. The Wakefield School, that wasn’t mentioned, at one time had martial arts, volleyball, basketball and yoga taking place in the gymnasium. That stopped a few years ago because these activities weren’t school related and people running them had to obtain and pay for their own insurance to continue.

Our Wakefield Theatre troop provides quality entertainment without having to drive to the city. Just imagine if I could put the money I have spent on gas in the last 20 years driving back and forth to the city for my kids to attend plays and extracurricular activities, into the new community center–it would be thousands–not to mention carbon footprint.
Community doesn’t come from a building, it is people, but we do need a safe, healthy, non-sectarian gathering place. This project is more than a whim, the community center has been a dream for at least 15 years and in the last eight, there has been a dedicated group of volunteers with vision for the future putting a lot of thought, consideration and consultation of community to bring it to where it is.  
My children didn’t have the benefit of a community center– but just maybe all those new beautiful little people walking around in strollers, backpacks, baby slings and my yet to be grandchildren will have something of the sort.
Gaye Chicoine

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