Wakefield Mill owner touches up community centre projections


by admin on September 15, 2010

The Editor,

The reference in the Editorial last week (Low Down, Sept. 8 edition) to our Wakefield Mill conference revenues was a bit off and would benefit from a touch more context.

I was asked if the proposed conference space in the Meredith Centre would negatively affect our business. My answer was no, because our business model and service offering are quite different from that of a community centre.

The reference to $8,000 in annual conference revenues stemmed not from our actual revenues, but from the business plan projections I had done three years ago as a volunteer for the Wakefield Community Centre project. That is a revenue number that I would still be comfortable projecting for a community centre in this area.

There is, in my experience, a rather limited market for conference rentals in the absence of a very strong service model (food and beverage, accommodation, ambience and other related services on site).

To offer such services in the context of a community centre would be quite risky and, I believe, would not succeed.

Robert Milling

Wakefield, Quebec