Wakefield, Qc, bids adieu to the miller’s son


by Joel Balsam on January 17, 2014

Irvine receives his Life Membership from the Royal Canadian  LegionIt’s not every day that you hear about an elderly person who enjoys being out and about as much as Irvine Young did. Every Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m., Young could be found with a gang of old-timers slouched over the table playing cribbage at Le Hibou. Then, as Young’s routine went, he would head over to the Alpengruss cafe where he sat like a fixture on his stool for hours, eating, talking, and listening to stories. “Irvine always knew who was who, and could give information about anyone,” said local Michael Kinghorn who frequently caught Young around town socializing in Wakefield’s cafés and restaurants. Perhaps it’s fitting for a town with so much to do and which is on the edge of an enormous natural playground to have had such a key member of its community being so active.

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