Wakefield, Quebec Industrial park raises questions about planning department


by admin on August 18, 2010

The Editor,

I read with great interest the Low Down’s recent series of interviews with La Peche Ward 6 councillor Louis Rompre. In the first of that series (July 7 edition), he gives his backing to Mayor Robert Bussiere’s industrial park plans.

Yet a few weeks later, in a Wakefield News posting, the councillor stated he is “as anxious as everyone to find out what is planned, especially for the East side of the 105.” I doubt I’m the only one wondering: How can you support a plan, yet not know what’s planned?

I point this out not as an attack on Coun. Rompre, but because it invites so many questions about how these decisions are being made and who exactly is making them.

Money is already being spent on this project, decisions have already been made. If the industrial park goes in, we and our children will be committed – whether it succeeds or fails – for years to come. Now is the time to scrutinize the plans and play a role in designing our community.

On Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m., the municipality will unveil its business plan at the Salon Desjardins in the Masham Arena.

This is an appeal to all La Peche residents and media to please come out, listen, ask questions. Ultimately, this is about more than just the feasibility or appropriateness of an industrial park in La Peche.

It’s also about how decisions are made in and about our communities, and how we – the the residents and taxpayers ultimately funding them – are are included in those decisions.

Shannon Ross

La Peche, Quebec