Wakefield, Quebec must pay attention to preserving historical sites


by admin on February 23, 2011

The Editor,

Thanks to Phil Cohen and Louise Scwartz for their lovely piece (The Way We Were, Low Down, Feb. 16 edition) on Earle’s Hall, the theatre above a favourite hang-out, Kaffe 1870, right at the corner of Valley Drive and Riverside Drives in Wakefield, Quebec.

The group that currently uses Earle’s Hall has made some initial efforts to be part of the PPU process to make sure that we pay attention to the future of architecturally significant sites in our village.

We want to keep this discussion going. Once historical architecture is lost, it is lost for good and no simulated reproductions can take its place.

Earle’s Hall is a gem. This summer, the Wakefest Arts Festival has a program that will highlight this, so stay tuned!
Elizabeth Logue

Nadia Ross

Wakefield, Quebec