Wakefield, Quebec Restaurateur stuffs black box with job ideas


by admin on April 22, 2010

The Editor,

Re: “Would you like a receipt with that poutine?” (April 14 edition).

I’ve got the solution to the black box (Module d’enregistrement des ventes) that I”ll have to install in my 14-seat restaurant: Why doesn’t the Quebec government hire an employee to work in each and every establishment?

I can set this person up right beside the cash register. In fact, he or she can work as a general representative of the government. He could be versed in health codes, liquor inspection and tax evasion. He could represent the credit card companies and check for credit card fraud, counterfeit money. Be the language police, too! We could have one person representing all these departments!

Heck, this person could even come shopping with me for supplies, attend my business meetings to make sure they’re legit. But don’t think for a second he’ll get an invite to staff Christmas party!

Tanya Skeates

Alcove, Quebec