Wakefield, Quebec Seniors support Eco Echo


by admin on April 7, 2010

The Editor,

We as a group of seniors, very involved with Wakefield, Quebec, are writing now to express our support for the position taken by Shannon Ross of Eco La Pêche, the newly-formed citizen action group.

Eco La Pêche is requesting a full consultation process on the future of Eco Echo. Although we understand the advantage of providing a site for light industrial development, we strongly oppose the expropriation of 60 acres of Eco Echo land for this purpose.

The privately-owned property has been in Christopher Minnes’s family for more than two generations. It is prime agricultural land, the type that is increasingly threatened in this area. Mr. Minnes has a plan to develop it as a community resource, including an orchard and educational centre, hiking trails and an outdoor theatre. This approach will fit well into the character of the village of Wakefield and add to its status as an important tourist destination.

A course of action that includes arbitrary expropriation and the building of an industrial park on prime agricultural land is one we oppose. We also understand that Masham would like to have such a development and that land could be made available for it there.

Therefore, we respectfully request that a full and open consultation process be conducted on the issue, with groups that will be impacted attending. We, as senior citizens who are deeply rooted in this community, are interested in maintaining the character of Wakefield and therefore support green development within a fair trade village.

Ilse Turnsen, Lydia Sharman, Lyndi and Marc Ranger, Maureen Marcott, Elena Whyte, Judy Meldrum, Hope Wilmot, Carole Faulkner, Pauline Brennan, Mercedes Telles and Mary Lou Van Schaik

Wakefield, Quebec

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