Wakefield, Quebec Septic plant needs more exploration


by admin on February 24, 2010

The Editor,

I was present at the Feb. 18 MRC meeting mainly dealing with the subject of septic waste disposal.

I was enticed to participate by some recent provocative newspaper article.

The need for not only greater transparency, but also increased communication became apparent by the numerous questions raised in this meeting.

The Prefect Robert Bussiere made the eloquent effort to explain that not all information dealing with the multiple aspects of this challenge is readily available at this time. There appears to be a need for more refined information in order to clearly define an explicit mandate of the consulting engineers, in order to obtain the greatest benefit for the taxpayer.

When weighing all the pros and cons to decide (by the MRC) what process to use, the benefit of residual values, such as producing quality acceptable topsoil, electricity, and other by-products, will have a decisive relative cost-saving effect – all this without offensive smell and/or pollution, as proven in many existing installations of the kind.

In my humble view, there should be a balance between established needs, cost effective technology and environmental justification. We should ensure that we have exploited all other possible avenues.

Kurt Burgstaller

Chelsea, Quebec