Wakefield, Quebec Youth Centre very happy with design


by admin on February 24, 2010

The Editor,

Re: Wakefield, Quebec’s community centre alternative design

We just want to state for the record that the Wakefield, Quebec Youth Centre is very happy with the current design of the Community Centre. We have been intimately involved in the design process all the way through with the cooperative.

Chris Simmonds, the coop’s architect, came to Wakefield last spring and spent a day with our youth and staff to really understand our specific needs and how we use our physical space. He encouraged us to envision a “perfect” youth centre and his design beautifully captures our ideal space. We are also thrilled that our skate park can be accommodated outside.

It seems to us a bit late in the game to be redesigning the entire community centre, and we don’t see any need to start again.

Amanda Dexter

Representing the Board, staff and youth

Wakefield Youth Centre