Wakefield, Quebec’s draft PPU seen to switch hands sleightly


by admin on July 21, 2010

The Editor,

I am blown away by how the Wakefield Draft PPU (Wakefield urbanization plan) can be   dismissed by the mayor and council as simply a guide to development on the one hand, and held up as a justification for the industrial park on the other.

In the Low Down (July 7 edition), Councillor Louis Rompre selectively quotes from the Draft PPU the recommendation to “expand the multifunctional business and service sector along Route 105.” What he fails to mention is that what the mayor and council are demanding is 10 times more land on the Wakefield side of Hwy 105 than what is shown in the Draft PPU.

Coun. Rompre also conveniently neglects to mention that the recommendation preceding the one he chooses to quote describes establishing guidelines to ensure that development on the Wakefield side of Hwy 105 be in line with the character and objectives of the Eco Echo Environmental Campus – the same campus that they want to expropriate.

In the end, all of this goes to demonstrate that the PPU, like the handling of the recent land-zoning registry, can be manipulated to support whatever outcome council desires, irrespective of what the people want.

It is a shame that a document that is supposed to represent Wakefield’s hopes and aspirations for sound development be so egregiously manipulated.
Sylvia Spring
Wakefield, Quebec