Wakefield, Quebec’s Low Down required reading before making move to the Hills


by admin on March 2, 2011

The Editor,
I think John McIntyre raised some good points, but there are a few more things he should tell city dwellers thinking of buying in the Gatineau Hills (Low Down, Feb. 23 edition).

First, your commute might be shared with styrofoam factory delivery trucks and septic trucks carrying waste from as far away as Chelsea, L’Ange Gardien and Cantley. Second, that beautiful open green space you pass just before Wakefield on Hwy 105? If Mayor Bussiere gets his way, imagine instead a styrofoam factory to your left and a yet-to-be-disclosed industrial park to your right.

And the lovely Gatineau River at Wakefield? Pretty to look at, but you might want to think twice about swimming in it. If the seven MRC des Collines mayors get their way, it will be receiving treated septic waste effluent from six municipalities in a huge regional plant just upstream of Wakefield.

Not sure what the MRC des Collines is, who our mayors and councillors are and how they respond to citizens with valid concerns? Find out, you really should know.

And one last piece of advice: read the Low Down, and not just the real estate listings. You will get a great sense of what is really going on in La Peche, Chelsea and the entire MRC. Yes, this is a beautiful region, but do your research before you decide to buy here.

Tamara Tarasoff