Wakefield steam train strands 190


by Mark Burgess on July 2, 2009

July 1, 2009  -  The Wakefield steam train left 190 passengers and 25 staff stranded near Chelsea, Quebec late Saturday night when a mechanical problem ended the trip and forced a return to Hull aboard STO buses.

The Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield steam train had just run a successful seasonal opening on June 26, when local politicians, business people and media were invited on a ride to show that the train was active and safe again.

The train’s re-opening in May after being closed in 2008 went badly when a car derailed at the Larrimac Golf Course crossing on Mother’s Day.

The train’s director-general, Andre Groulx, told a French daily newspaper that the train suffered an electronic problem on Saturday night that demanded repair at the garage. He said the train was functioning properly again the next morning.

Groulx said the problem was the first of its kind and both mishaps – Saturday’s and Mother’s Day’s – were purely circumstantial and that it was unfortunate that they had happened within weeks of each other.