What about the thieving, self-righteous trespassers?


by admin on September 16, 2009

To the Editor:

Bravo, you have eviscerated a helpless 82-year old man (“Dump soils Wakefield forest”, Sept 9 edition). You must be proud of yourselves – Mr. Greenway (reporter) in particular. Yes the dump is a problem, but not toxic so far as I am aware. The time to deal with it is when the property changes hands, not saddling a pensioner with open-ended costs. It is interesting that Greenway accused Mr. McSheffery of changing his story. On first speaking with Mr. McSheffery, Greenway said that the “hikers” were looking for wild leeks. Later, in a second conversation with Mr. McSheffery, Greenway changed his story to mushrooms. Leeks, mushrooms; either way they were trespassing.

The gall of these sanctimonious self-righteous people! Their intention to steal from Mr. McSheffery while trespassing on his property goes unremarked by Greenway, and presumably their own dull witted consciences are clear on the same points. Moreover Greenway has exaggerated the height of the pile to dramatize his story – he evidently needs to carry a tape measure. Just because it is aesthetically unappealing does not make it an environmental hazard.

Maurus Moore


Editor’s note: the original story has no mention of “wild leeks”.