What happened to recycling what we have?


by admin on June 10, 2009

The Editor,

Just a quick question for the town of Chelsea.
I thought Chelsea was recognized for being a “Recyclable, Reusable and Reducible” community.If so, why can’t Chelsea recognize what we already have that needs the help? Instead of wasting “precious” time and money on new projects, Chelsea should Recycle, Reuse and Reduce:

• We have a community centre, different activity clubs in different neighbourhoods that need to be renovated;

  • We have a lot of empty buildings that need to be reused;
  • We need a better downtown in Chelsea to reduce traffic and accidents;

We have… let’s face it; I could go on and on…
So instead of going around and saying we’re an environmental friendly community we should prove it. That’s just my point of view; I’m only one in 7,000 here with small ideas that could maybe make a big difference.

Amélie “Mimi” Laprise