Where are your kids tonight?


by admin on May 27, 2009

The Editor,

Where are your kids tonight?
Skating at the Meredith Centre?
“No, we voted that down. My kids are out skating on the pond and getting frostbite. I really don’t understand why four-year-olds can’t stay out in minus 25 degree weather more than 15 minutes! Wimps I guess!”
Playing basketball at the Meredith Centre?
“Well, we don’t have the Meredith Centre and my kids are too big to play at the gym at Grand Boise or the Chelsea School. I think they may be playing down along the river somewhere. Hope they fall in, hee hee!”
Working out at the Meredith Centre’s fitness centre?
“Oh come now, we beat down the Meredith Centre years ago. My kids are running along the 105 and being one with the black flies and dodging cars. It’s amazing how fast a 14-year-old can run with a little incentive!”
Attending a Scout meeting at the Meredith Centre?
“Thank god we stopped that Meredith Centre! With the money we saved we were able to buy that new Playstation 3! We even had a little money extra to upsize little Johnny’s clothes; for some reason he seems to have put on a little weight.”
There are reasons and excuses for everything but one, indifference! Take action on June 14 and vote. If the vote doesn’t go your way you have no one to blame but yourself!
(PS – current vote count: No- at least 409; Yes- unknown. Expected turn out at the polls: maybe 1000.
Blake Henderson