Why not regulate photographers in Gatineau Park?


by admin on March 31, 2010

The Editor,

Having done in rock climbers in the Gatineau Park, the NCC might reflect on where the displaced aerialists will go for their spiritual and physical uplift. Will they switch from vertical to horizontal and that most pernicious and cumulatively destructive of all activities within the park, yet unregulated? Will their boots swell the legions which crush the hopeful lily as it thrust towards sunlight?

Deprived of their native crags, will they now pursue the elusive woodpecker to its forest retreat, disturb the shy fawn in its ferny brake? Will they join those who break from the designated path to penetrate the leafy swaths of autumn in pursuit of trophies for the rec room wall?

I speak, of course, of nature photographers. They are among us. They are our neighbours. If voluntarily they do not forgo pressing observation on wildlife, I say the NCC should regulate. Focus on the root problem, not on those few swinging from the branches.

Giles Morrell

Chelsea, Quebec

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