Writer should learn french fry geography


by admin on August 19, 2009

The Editor,

We enjoyed your Low Down editorial about the New Brunswick reporter (“Ink stained wretch in NB,” Aug. 5-11, 2009, p. 4).  But it looks like you need a vacation! How about a trip to Atlantic Canada, where you can bone up on your geography? When you travel “down east,” take exit 153 off the Trans-Canada Highway in western New Brunswick and you’ll discover McCain Foods. The multi-billion dollar word leader in frozen food products has its headquarters in the town of Florenceville-Bristol. That’s many miles from in Nova Scotia, where you placed it in your editorial.
In 1909, it made sense for A.D. McCain to locate his seed potato export company in this pretty region of the Saint John River Valley, in the heart of potato country, where he was born and raised. New Brunswick grows far more potatoes than Nova Scotia, which farms only about 800 hectares as compared to NB’s 27,600 hectares. In 1957, McCain’s sons Harrison and Wallace established McCain Foods and the rest is history. Today, McCain Foods produces one-third of all French fries consumed world-wide, earning its home town the title of the “French Fry Capital of the World.”
Check out the town website at http://www.florencevillebristol.ca/index.html. And enjoy your visit! We always do. Thanks for the interesting article!

Mary Trafford and Susan Owen