Yes, No or Scale Back


by admin on May 27, 2009

The Editor,

A definitive yes or no vote could see this ambitious Meredith Centre project ended and the baby thrown out along with the bathwater. No matter which way it goes, either vote could potentially produce the same kind of divisiveness that Robert Chaffers refers to in his letter in the May 20 edition. 

The Meredith Centre Business Plan (Version 5.4 – Feb 10, 2009) states possible options under assumption Number 9 on overruns in the event that proposals force the $9.7 million budget to be revised. They are or a combination of: Scoping back to an affordable project; raise money beyond the $600,000 Chelsea Foundation contribution; seek additional money from the recent stimulus initiatives in the federal budget; potentially raise the additional money through sales of shares using a model similar to the successful La Peche arena example.

The project will not proceed.

As scoping back to an affordable project seems to be the most practicable of the options listed, why not include it in the referendum vote – i.e., Yes, No, or Scale back? Would it be too naive to ask if a three-choice question could be asked instead? This way the MRIF federal/provincial funding could still be utilized and the project could move forward.

Having lived through at least two Quebec referendums in my time I think the question is just as important as the answer.

S. Gibeault-Jones