Chelsea adopts $24.7 million spending plan 

November 13, 2019

By Hunter Cresswell


Over the next three years, the Municipality of Chelsea will invest $24,764,659 into the community trail, Chelsea Creek stabilization, and various road projects. 

At a special meeting held ahead of the regular municipal council meeting on Nov. 5, the municipal council unanimously adopted a three-year capital expense program. 

“We normally adopt this in December,” said Mayor Green to the 15 people in attendance. “We’re trying to adopt it earlier in the fall so we can go out for our tender calls earlier rather than in the new year which may give us better prices.” 

About $15.6 million of the $24.7 million spending plan will be financed by long-term loans. In 2020, $12,974,782 will be spent, $6,977,500 in 2021, and $4,812,377 in 2022. Over the next two years, $1,447,700 will be spent on planned community trail work. Meech Lake Road will be restored and have a bike path added to the tune of $6,479,574. River Road stabilization work in 2021 will cost $5 million. The Quebec Ministry of Public Safety will subsidize 75 per cent of the cost of stabilizing a road in the Chelsea Creek neighbourhood so the municipality will only be spending $4,637,000 on that. By 2022, $800,000 will be invested in parks, playgrounds, and community centres. 

“The debt to the whole of the municipality: $15,069,432. And the sector debt: $581,779,” Green said. 

But the total debt posted on the municipality’s website states that it is $39.9 million in 2019, and will be $48.3 million in 2020, $51.1 million in 2021, and $51.5 in 2022. 

The work on the community trail, Meech Lake Road, and River Road was included in the three-year spending plan Green discussed with this reporter last year. Also on that list of projects was adding bike line and repaving Notch Road, which took place this year. 

During the question period after the spending plan was passed, Notch Road resident Meriel Bradford expressed her disappointment in the work on her road. “I am a bit lost where we stand now for Notch Road and the pilot project for security for [the] pedestrian and cycle path,” Bradford said, adding that drivers barrel down the road. “Right now, it’s just a painted line on the road.” 

Green said the project isn’t in the three-year plan right now. “We’ve asked that the [public works] committee come back with answers to some of the questions the councillors asked in our working committee,” she said. 

Bradford challenged the council to complete the pilot project for Notch Road. “We’re an active transportation community, we’re for doing something [about the] climate, those were all part of this original project. I just want to record my disappointment that we are not following through on our principals that we agreed to when we started this project. It is a peanut amount when you look at $50 million,” Bradford said.