Letter of the week

When you need help, you get it

January 15, 2020

The Editor,


My husband and I want to publicly acknowledge the quick, effective and efficient care he recently received through the Wakefield [Memorial] Hospital, and the kind ministrations of Cindi Minnes in Chelsea.

Just before Christmas, [my husband] Yves slipped on ice in Old Chelsea. He went straight down on his face to the ground. His glasses broke and the broken frames cut him just above his right eye. He lost a fair bit of blood. He made his way to [Cafe] Les Saisons where Cindi Minnes [cafe’s owner] took amazing care of him: she and a co-worker staunched the flow of blood, took him to the CLSC and then to the Wakefield hospital. At the hospital, he was quickly admitted (as he hit his head on the ice, there were concerns of a concussion) and processed. I had been at a yoga class in Wakefield. Cindi found me on the second floor of Cafe Molo and told me to get to the hospital. While she was getting me, Yves was being stitched up by a resident from McGill who wants to become a plastic surgeon. Yves needed eight stitches to close the wound. When I took him home, he looked pretty awful: face swollen and discoloured, stitches sticking out of skin, red nose. Within a week, the stitches were out and within three weeks, everything has healed beautifully – you really have to look closely to see the scar. The whole treatment process was quick, efficient and effective.

I know our health care system isn’t perfect, but our experience has been that, when you really need it, the professionals in this region make sure you get the treatment you need. We have a family doctor (Mark Saul) and a physiotherapist (Pam Place) who have always been there when we needed them. This time the nursing and emergency staff at the Wakefield [Memorial] Hospital (and Cindi Minnes) were there for Yves when he needed them. These people don’t always get the thanks they deserve, and we thought now was a good time to thank them. We are very grateful for their quick, efficient and excellent care. A big thank you to everybody involved.


Andrea Lockwood, Yves Menard

Chelsea, QC