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A Dunn deal?

A letter to council about Dunn-D’s mini-golf (Dunnderosa lands ) rerezoning of the clubhouse:

To: Kimberly Chan, Mayor Pierre Guénard, and council members: Enrico Valente, Dominic Labrie, Cybele Wilson, Christopher Blais, Rita Jain.

Firstly, thank you very much, Kim and Dominic, for taking on the Dunn-D’s clubhouse property portfolio and bringing the neighbour residents’ concerns to our mayor and the rest of council. I know we are all counting on you to continue speaking on our behalf.

We have been watching the landscape at Dunnderosa club change from an idyllic golf course with 100-year-old oaks and maples, apple trees, and wildlife into the noisy, brash, fake, blue water fountain, and, possibly, karaoke/bar and all year-indoor/outdoor-events venue.

Unfortunately, I could not participate in a recent virtual planning commission meeting about new special “tools” accommodating the owner of Dunn-D’s clubhouse development owner for an all-year events venue and bar. I hope that council just says “no” to accepting more environmental, neighbourhood, traffic/local septic and infrastructure disruption.

This developer has proven he has an agenda with little respect and consideration for neighbours and council bylaws or permits. He has fenced off a huge wildlife corridor, cut down mature trees (most of them perfectly healthy), put up oversized commercial signage and filled the air (from Notch Road to Mine Road and across the creek to Chemin Vincent and on) with blasts of high-volume, noisy music. As a neighbourhood, we have all complained and approached him, the police [and] council, but the Dunn’D’s owner does not change. He has proven himself to “workaround,” to ignore and to disrespect his neighbours, the bylaws and rules.

How is Dunn’D’s mini-golf currently looking for staff on their website for a year-round, commercial enterprising clubhouse as if approval is a done deal? What protocol or process is this entrepreneur following? Has council unwittingly approved this project? Does council not inspect work done to see that this “clubhouse” is developing into a 100-plus-person karaoke bar?

I’m certain no resident in the surrounding area will be negatively affected by an events and indoor/outdoor karaoke 100-occupancy bar! What else is in store? Perhaps because council members don’t live nearby, they don’t truly understand the current public disturbance and disruption of this sound pollution. Why is council searching for “tools” to help Dunn-D’s clubhouse in establishing more noise, public disturbance, a karaoke bar, more traffic? Will Chelsea be setting a precedent for more noise, traffic, water, and sewage in this important watershed?

Carol Froimovitch is a resident of Chelsea, QC.


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