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A Fair Trade Town

We were delighted to read Catherine Sinclair’s article on fair trade in Valley Voices (“Wakefield: Quebec’s first fair trade town, say what?” May 27). We have long-admired how enthusiastic, creative and proactive the Wakefield Fair Trade Committee has been over the years.

Here in Chelsea, we have been a Fair Trade Town since 2016, when we celebrated with a big event outside La Fab and unveiled Asha Kline’s winning fair trade logo for Chelsea after a competition at Chelsea Elementary School. In 2017 we held a well-attended fair trade fair at Mill Road Community Space, and last year we installed a Fair Trade Town sign outside our municipal building in a ceremony with some local fair traders. Over the past few years, the Chelsea Fair Trade Committee has served free fair trade Camino hot chocolate at various community events, such as La Grande Marche, Chelsea Christmas Market and the Chelsea Winter Trail Celebration.

More than ever since we became a Fair Trade Town, Chelsea’s Freshmart, IGA, Boucanerie and Les Fougères shop have stocked a variety of fair trade products, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chocolate and bananas, with big increases in sales of some of these products since 2016. Our local social enterprise, Beads of Awareness, has also been active, selling fairly-traded products made by artisans in Uganda at local markets and events.