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A positive healthcare experience

I know there are many problems with our healthcare services, and many people have had negative experiences. I am glad to report this is not the case for our family.

I have been caring for my 98-year-old mother in my home for several months, when it became apparent that she was unable to live alone. We had had many years of terrific support from the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l'Outaouais (CISSSO), with homecare nurses, social workers, doctors, MRC Police, and many other services helping her to safely stay in her own home.

Once she moved in with me, the supportive care offered continued to be invaluable. Our social worker, Linda Sullivan, nurse Marc Chenier, doctor Michelle Lajzerowicz, occupational therapists, foot care nurses, all provided superb homecare and equipment promptly, with kindness and understanding.

We had to access Wakefield emergency care last week, and absolutely everyone – from the volunteer firefighters and ambulance attendants, who gently carried her off to our gem of a hospital, to the doctors, nurses, aides, and attendants there – treated us promptly, with kindness, courtesy, and respect.

She is still in hospital, receiving compassionate and humane care, with grace, humour, and a very high degree of excellence. She loves it there and says, "Everyone is so nice here!" I am beyond grateful for our beautiful hospital, where my father also received the best care 17 years ago, and where my dear friend stayed before her death last year. I spent many hours on the second floor helping to care for them, and I saw first-hand the calibre of services we have in our community. And it is close to home, which makes it easy for me to help out.

As a nurse and midwife, I have worked in many hospitals in our region and abroad, and Wakefield is absolutely top-level. I hope and pray that we do not lose this essential, accessible institution in our community. Bless the Wakefield Hospital, CISSSO, and all the wonderful, dedicated people who make them such treasures!

Teresa Bandrowska is a resident of Wakefield.


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